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These Terms of Use are applications for online games provided by Super App, Inc. Online games provided through them, social networking services, and other online services (collectively referred to as It is a license of the application (referred to as "application") and the conditions of use of this application and various services included in this application. If you download the application, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of Use. The contents of these Terms of Use shall constitute a contract between the customer and our company regarding the use of this application and the online service through this application.

Article 1 (license of this application)

We authorize you to install and use this application under the conditions set forth in these Terms of Use. You are responsible for the use of your credit card or other payment instruments (such as PayPal) by the minor.

Article 2 (Purchase)

1.If the app is an item-based game, the basic functionality of the app is provided free of charge. However, some items (charging items) and services (charging services) in this application are charged. Such charging items and charging services will be charged at the price displayed at the time of purchase within this application.

2.Minors must receive permission from adults to purchase content, including the use of paid services such as the purchase of item services (including the consent to the Terms or individual terms of use including each section of this Article) when above actions are made, You are deemed to have parental consent.

Article 3 (Reproduction of this application, the prohibition of reverse engineering)

You shall not duplicate, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer this application.

Article 4 (Modification of this application, modification of data used by this application, prohibition of modification of data sent to us through this application)

In no event shall you modify the application downloaded by you. In addition, the customer shall not modify or falsify the data used by this application or the data sent to us from this application. In addition to the acts prohibited in the preceding paragraph, the customer, when using this application, software that automatically operates this application on computers such as BOT, software for changing the operating speed of this application, and other normal applications You shall not use software (cheat tools) to operate in any other way.

Article 5 (Management of customer ID and password)

1.You shall manage your own ID and password at your own risk, and in no event shall we let others know or use your ID and password. In addition, if there is a possibility that the password is known to others, you shall change the password without delay.

2.If the purchase of a charge item or charge service or other usages of this application is performed using the customer's ID and password, even if another person uses the customer's ID and password without permission, the customer It shall be regarded as use by yourself.

Article 6 (Customer's Post and Other Content Created by Customer)

1.If you post or enter texts, photos or other copyrighted material in this application or online service through this application, the copyrighted material will be permanent against us worldwide. (If there is any cancelation or termination of the contract based on these Terms of Use, this is not affected)

2.Also, it shall be granted a free non-exclusive license. Such license shall include the right to use the copyrighted work posted or entered by you. However, when using the copyrighted work submitted or entered by the customer, the company shall comply with the provisions on the handling of personal information described in the following Article.

3.By sending or submitting content created by you while using the service, such as confirm, represent and guarantee the following matters:

  • the content is correct and not confidential or misleading.
  • not violate the laws, contractual restrictions or the rights of third parties. In addition, having obtained permission from a third party that includes personal information or intellectual property in the user content.
  • not contain viruses, adware, spyware, worms or other malicious code.
  • Confirm and agree that your personal information contained in the user content is always processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

Article 7 (Handling of personal information, nickname)

1.Personal information will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy posted on our website.

2.Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the nickname used to identify the customer within the application, which is input when the customer uses the application, shall be treated as information that can not identify an individual, and we will Information related to your application related to this application, such as the content posted in the social network function of this application and emails in this application, can be linked to the nickname and disclosed to other customers and other third parties.

Article 8 (Payment of expenses for access to the Internet)

This application can only be used in combination with the online service provided by our company in an environment connected to the Internet. The customer shall bear the cost of data communication that occurs with the use of this application.

Article 9 (Advertising etc. in the game)

1.We shall be able to place advertisements on the App and the official site of the App. We shall be able to use the status of use of this application of the customer, attribute information such as the age and gender of the customer, the status of browsing of the customer's advertisement and other personal information for advertisement. In addition, we exclude information that can identify you such as an address, name, e-mail address, etc., and shall be able to provide information on the customer's attribute information and the status of advertisement viewing to a third party such as an advertiser.

2.Subject to your consent, we shall be able to advertise to you by email.

Article 10 (For minors customer)

If the customer is under the age of 13, the customer should not create an account or access the service. Anyone who has the guardian rights of a minor is entirely responsible for the unauthorized use of the service by that minor. Persons who have the authority of a minor's parent are responsible for their use of their credit card or other payment instruments.

Article 11 (Prohibited acts)

The customer shall not perform the following acts when using this application.

1.Transfer, trading of account of this application

2.For money or other benefits, such as buy and sell characters, items, virtual currency, etc.

3.Abuse against other customers and third parties, threatening behavior, violent behavior, behavior relating to sexual things, discriminatory behavior, behavior contrary to good social customs, or a word or act that causes a third party to lose the honor

4.Acts that may conflict with or may conflict with laws or public order and morals

5.Any act that infringes or may infringe any copyright, trademark right or any other right of our company or a third party

6.Collecting personal information of other customers

7.An act of inducing encounters or relationships with strangers

8.Acts to encourage to run away the house of youth

9.An act judged to adversely affect or impair the personality formation of a minor or healthy development

10.For the purpose of crime (scams, gambling, abuse of controlled drugs, child prostitution, illegal trading of bank accounts and cell phones, etc.)

11.An act that leads to aides or threatens suicide or self-harm

12.Acts in accordance with the preceding items

Article 12 (Change and stop of service)

We may change the content of this application and online games and other online services provided through this application or may stop the service at its discretion. However, when the end of providing the online game through this application, we shall notify the customer at least three months in advance by notifying within this application or other reasonable methods.

Article 13 (Account suspension, cancellation of license of this application)

If you violate the Terms of Use, we may terminate the account of this application and cancel the license of this application. In this case, all data such as items, characters, experience points, and coins accumulated by the customer in this application's account shall be erased. Even if the customer purchased the item or accounting service using this application, No refund or compensation shall be made.

Article 14 (Limitation of liability)

1.The total amount of our liability to you related to the terms of use and the license agreement for this application with you based on this and the online service contract (for example, personal information leak from our server or game server viruses entering your device) for any case to be customers this application, and shall shortly before 1 month of the occurrence of the responsibility does not exceed the amount of billing the customer actually purchased.

2.We may not be responsible for the damage or loss of data of this application, temporary interruption or failure of online games and other online services through this application, or any other application or problem caused by bugs or defects in other software or systems. In any case, we cannot liable for any failure or malfunction of the online service through the app.

Article 15 (Change of Terms of Use)

We may change these Terms of Use from time to time if necessary. If we change the Terms of Use, we will notify you in a notification or other reasonable manner within this application. If you continue to use this app after such notification, we will accept it as you agreed to the change.

Article 16 (End of the contract with the customer)

The contract for the use of this application between the customer of this application and our company and the online service through this application concluded by the content of these terms of use shall be terminated in the following cases.

1.If your account is suspended in accordance with Article 13

2.If we stop all online services through this application according to Article 12

3.If you uninstall this application from your device

Article 17 (Jurisdiction, governing law)

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Nagoya District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial for all lawsuits and other disputes regarding the Terms of Use and the Application.

Additional clause: Established on May 16, 2019

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