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In order to provide safe and delicious food, we are working on an eco-friendly agricultural and fishery industry called aquaponics. In the Aquaponics market, there are still some challenges. However, we can solve aquaponics challenges by combining IoT services and managing agricultural and fisheries data, such as temperature and water quality. It is a subscription model which makes initial costs lower.

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Digital Service

We are entering an era in which the Internet and smartphones have become the foundation of our lives, and advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and the Metaverse support our daily lives and businesses.

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To Be Emotion Driving Company

As a member of humankind living at an extremely important turning point in human history, we are committed to contributing to spiritual sufficient through content business, and worthwhile time through system development business. Additionally, we aim for contributing to the global environment and enrich eating habits through our IoT business.

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