Super Appli,Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company")should follow the social media policy described below.

Definition of Social Media

Social media is a medium that exchanges information with each other through the Internet and spreads information through the connection between users.

(1) Purpose

To realize our mission, "Become the world's emotion driving company", it is essential to engage with social media connected with the world.We think that there is no border in customer’s emotion.In order for all employees to correctly use social media and spread emotions to the whole world, we will comply with the following.

(2) Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with related laws and internal regulations (employment rules, information management regulations, etc).Also, we will ensure that we don’t infringe on all intellectual property rights including copyright.

(3) Consideration for personal information and privacy

For the sake of privacy protection, we will not transmit personal information (customer or business partner’s information) for any reason.For employees, we will thoroughly check with their bosses in advance whether they can be shared within other departments, even outside the company or within the company.

(4) Protection of Confidential Information

We will not disseminate confidential information (development information or commercial information) for any reason.Employees shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information even after retirement.

(5) Distribution of sincere and careful information

As a member of a responsible society, I will not attack information that leads to slander.Also, we will use social media after thoroughly reviewing the content to announce.In case of any errors, we will correct it immediately.​

(6) Correspondence when trouble occurs

We will respond in good faith when we find remarks such as criticism.Also depending on the content, report it to their boss and ask for instructions.

(7) In-house training and participation

We will provide information security education for all employees so that we can use and utilize social media correctly not only as a company but also for individual employees.(Specific example: explanation at joining our company, implementation of information security training at least once a year)Employees actively participate in in-house training.

For customers and usersRemarks and behaviors on social media by our officers and employees do not necessarily represent our company's official announcement or opinion.Official announcement of our company will be posted on press release or official website.We appreciate your understanding in advance.