We hereby establish our information security policy so as to protect customer information and information assets owned by us from various threats including, but not limited to, unauthorized access, crime, negligence and disaster.

1. Information Security Management System

We recognize that information security protection is of essential importance in the management of our business.  We maintain the system to understand the whole status of our information security managements and to implement necessary security measures in accordance with our risk analysis through regular meetings of information security committees initiated by executive management members.

2. Internal Regulations

We establish internal regulations based on this information security policy and share such regulations with our officers and employees for proper management of customer information and information assets.

3. Instructions and Trainings

We provide instructions and trainings for our officers and employees so as to make them  recognize the importance of information security and to ensure the proper handling of customer information and information assets.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Contractual Obligations

We will comply with all laws and regulations and contractual obligations related to information security.

5. Response to Violations and Accidents

In the event that there arise any violation of laws and regulations related to information security, any breach of contractual obligations related to information security or any accidents related to information security, we will take appropriate measures against such violation, breach or accidents and prevent re-occurrence of such violation, breach or accidents.

Enactment date: September 1, 2021
SuperAppli, Inc.
Masaki Iinuma, Representative Director