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With the advanced features of smartphones, advanced in AI/IoT/blockchain technology, and the start of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G), we are in an era where we can receive benefits from technology in various situations.
We will build services that make people's life easier and support your business.

AI Solution( SSAI )

We can provide personalized content for each user with AI. We also provide the system externally

Contracted development

We will support the customer's business by knowledge developed with our own product development.

1. Business infrastructure building

Built sales support connecting 100 stores in Japan of UK lifestyle brand with overseas manufacturing plants, inventory management, order management, delivery management system, etc.

2. LINE linked content

Developed exclusive game content linked with LINE account
Built the point-linked system

3. Facebook linked content

Developed a mini-game that utilizes the IP of a major game company and sent users to Facebook's official page via Messenger's BOT

4. Environmental circulation system with IoT device

Utilizing the knowledge and technology developed through our IoT business, we proceed with research and development of various environmental monitoring and control systems

About our IoT business

Age & Gender Estimation Cloud

"AGE Cloud Service" is a cloud service that utilizes deep learning to determine the age and gender of a person.  It was a part of the joint research and development project with iCV Group related to AI, which is a research institute at Tartu University(Tartu, Estonia).
By analyzing the person in the camera with AI, it is able to determine the age and gender.

Easily determine your age and gender with
a general-purpose webcam
Achieved 90% or higher accuracy with AI that learned the faces of 500,000 people.
Able to connect from all over the world
to use external cloud environment

Impress everyone's life
with our technology.

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To be the world's
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