By contributing to the spread of next-generation work style and lifestyles through agriculture and IT, we will contribute to the creation of a sustainable recycling-based society. Also, we will contribute to take measures to increase the Japan's agricultural working population and improve the food self-sufficiency rate.

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Aquaponics is a coined word that combines "Aquaculture" and "Hydroponics". It is attracting attention as environment-friendly and healthy agricultural forestry industries and fisheries that can produce marine products and agricultural products at once without using pesticides.
Starting with the trial operation of Aquaponics, we will take on the challenge of a new business field called "sixth industry" that integrates production (primary), processing (secondary), and sales (third)

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Aquaponics test venue

IoT device

We are mainly developing an environment measuring device required for aquaponics. Real-time monitoring of cultivation/breeding environment by various environment measuring sensors, and operating environment control device makes the optimum environment for products.
*It can also be used in the fields of ornamental fish breeding, farming, and hydroponics.

Additionally, by centrally managing and visualizing the data output from each sensor, it is possible to remotely check the status and control the environment.

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