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Do you have ideas to create emotion?
Yes or No

We’re very sorry.
At Super Appli, Inc., we’re currently not hiring people without ideas to create emotion. We’re not just making games. Through the opportunity that we have through games, we’re providing an immersive experience to renew appreciation, courage, wisdom, knowloedge and individual perceptions about self and others.
If You don’t do it, someone else will. The world is just merciless. That is why we truly believe that it’s too late to start thinking about an idea after one has been hired.

Super Appli, Inc. President and CEO Masaki Iinuma

Let us ask you again.
Can you change your own behaviour and habits in order to create NEW ideas?

Yes or No

SUPER !! The first step in creating emotion.
hiring extraordinary human resources

Super Appli’s management concept is “To be the world’s top emotion driving enterprise”.
People need dreams and a goal in life to be able to create emotion. Dreams are made from numerous ideas, they are the very reason for ideas to exist.
Dreams and emotions are possible because ideas exist.
People who just live to live cannot feel emotion, let alone create it.
We want to work with people who are seriously obsessed about ideas, seriously searching for self-realization.
Because the “tip of the iceberg” are the people who continue to create ideas unbound by common sense, in order to pursue their own self-realization.
That is because only such people can create emotion to overcome satisfaction.
People do not feel emotion for ordinary concepts. Only extraordinary ideas (concepts) can bring emotion to people.
Super Appli, Inc. work environment is perfect for extraordinary people searching for self-realization.

Topics 2015.10.14 We have renewed our careers page.
  • our work style-extraordinary human resources-there’s a reason to create emotionour work style-extraordinary human resources-there’s a reason to create emotion
  • The voice of major corporation job changers who want to “Build the rails instead of working on them”The voice of major corporation job changers who want to “Build the rails instead of working on them”
  • Women-only staff discussion group “Super Appli, Inc. innovation girls”
  • Businesses solely based on New ideas!
  • Work environment and education program (LEGO, prototyping etc)
  • Social welfare and Employee benefits
    SUPER Spirit
  • Not just about manufacturing! Find the charm of NAGOYA (come work with us!!)
  • “Create a NEW value and bring NEW emotion to users”

    Our current main business is in gaming.
    Your help is needed to strenghten current gaming business and build the next NEW business.
    gaming market has become more competitive, and users require NEW value.
    Create NEW games and bring NEW emotion to users while producing NEW businesses to society is our supreme proposition.