A message from our CEO

From its establishment in 2010 to now, Super Appli has been working on the development and operation of digital contents using Web Technology. In the meantime, innovative technologies such as smartphones, VR, AI, IoT, and blockchains have emerged, and with the next generation of mobile networks (5G) in 2020, we believe that the time is right to reap what we sowed.​

Through basic research and systems creations, and focusing on HTML5 which will be the cornerstone in providing web services on the Internet, we have been able to bring together the technologies we became expert at.

There are already in the world, numerous completely new services based on HTML5, and we have also been working on bringing our businesses to that same level since 2017.

We believe that in the world's current highly technological innovative era, by promoting our skills in the creation of contents and services through HTML5, we will continue to prove the validity of our company philosophy, drive emotion to the world.

CEO / Masaki Iinuma