Super Dash

How far can you go with this mad dog?

Super Bowling

Finally over 45 million players! Our biggest title Super Bowling!

Super Cricket

Join more than 1 billion cricket fans


Simple but addictive! One Line is a puzzle game, about encircling squares to make them disappear!

Super Baseball

Let's have a batting match with friends!

The Bowling Club

Compete against other bowlers!

Playing SOCCER

Let's enjoy the world soccer game!


New sense rhythm game Prhythm ZERO

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Women's Soccer

Let's enjoy the world women soccer game!

Angry Bear

Run away from the cute bear!!

VS Basketball

Play Free throw battle with friends!!

Sky Jump


Arthur of Legend

Face the mighty enemy with your buddies!

Japan? - Trivia App

You will love Japan more and more!

Super Darts

Aim and throw darts to win!

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Casino Bowling

Four player match bowling with easy play

Gem Block Wars

Gems lead ”Block Wars” to victory!

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