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Corporate Info

Ten years ago, no one could have imagined the world we live in now. The rapid advancement of IT (Information Technology) has created new entertainments, improved communications, and influenced our lifestyles significantly. Our company, Super-Appli, is proud to be part of this technological movement with the digital contents that we provide.

“The world is forever changing” is a phrase that has been at the heart of my life. I believe that in a few years, the services of today will be gone, only to create a path for new ideas and innovations.

Internet Technology has helped create many great products and services. Some of these services can only be achieved with IT alone. Being a part of this great movement, our company was founded with the initial philosophy of “providing the best possible services while furthering the advancement of the world.” This philosophy has changed over time and we are now striving to become “the best emotion-driving enterprise.”

Our mission of world innovations is still very important to us. We will continue to provide services in order to drive creativity and adaptability. This is our legacy to future generations.

Masaki Iinuma CEO