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Corporate Info

We are united toward the same goal. We cooperate and stimulate one another, to create attractive services.
The connection of the person to the person brings up technology, and accelerates creative activities. We create the emotional experience.

Regardless of the career you have, you can participate in the planning and proposal of new business in SUPER APPLI.
By our own new business proposal system, we keep on challenging new business creation every day. Don’t be afraid of failure. Fail and revise it, and let’s learn it. This is SUPER APPLI.

We have two kind of cards, “Thank you card” and “Good Job card”.
We send our gratitude in the handwriting to our fellows.

We try and do what we can for a better world! We are actively participating in recycling bottle caps for vaccination campaigns.
NPO Eco cap Movement

Raid Battle is a game system in which players can join together and cooperate to defeat the strongest enemies. This system has become the industry standard by now and been supported by many enthusiastic fans.
We have developed and implemented this Raid Battle System ahead in social game industry. (In July 2010, we implemented the system to our works “Gadran★Master ! by GMO)

In the case of PC version of RPG
Players can join together and participate, to manipulate the character to defeat the enemy in cooperation.

In the case of conventional social games
Because the network environment is unstable, users can not enjoy synchronized play. Therefore, the number of games to enjoy real-time cooperation was small.

We introduced the unique system that players cut the strength of the enemy over time in asynchronous to defeat the “NPC”(non player character), easy to enjoy the realistic playing of online RPG under the unstable network.

Jan., 2011 We have received the highest award for “アプリやろうぜ!by GMO”.
Aug. 2011 “Gadran★Master ! by GMO” has received excellence award for “GREE Platform Award -The First Half of 2011-“.
Aug. 2012 “Dragon Cavalier -The Last Knights-” receives special award for “GREE Platform Award -The First Half of 2012-“.
Mar. 2013 “Dragon Cavalier -The Last Knights-” receives excellence award for “GREE Platform Award 2012”.
Jul. 2013 “SWORD ART ONLINE END WORLD” receives excellence award for “GREE Platform Award -The First Half of 2013-“.
Feb. 2014 “SWORD ART ONLINE END WORLD” receives the “RPG Excellence Award” for “GREE Platform Award 2013”.
Feb. 2014 “SWORD ART ONLINE END WORLD” receives the “Special Thanks Award” for “BANDAI NAMCO Games 2nd Develoer’s Meeting”.