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Business Domains

The field of social applications is rapidly growing. We, as a portables & smartphones games production company have gathered support from our many users thanks to our strength in game and social applications design. We produce excellent services through the strength of our teams, our breathtaking design, quick response and a state of the art technology for our customers.
These games are the gems our designers and engineers strive for.
戦略仮装課 サモンガール
We welcome any offer for a tie-up or collaboration. We aim to provide our knowledge in character design and marketing on the following: Expansion into food packaging, clothing, figurines, toys, novels, anime, comic books etc. Our goal is also to bring added value to our partners’ products, and help them make the most of our contents as a new sales promotion tool. In addition, we also welcome any companies with a deep and professional knowledge in figurines and toys. Just tell us about your idea, and let’s work together to make it a reality. Contact Us Now!