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Business Domains

Today’s marketing has changed from a product oriented one to an emotional and experience oriented one.
For your business, apply the “power to create emotional experiences for your customers” exactly as games do.

Emotional Experience

People demand “emotional experiences” such as “interesting”, “fun”, and “exciting” experiences.
The success of Apple, Starbucks coffee and Disney is due to the power of providing “emotional experience”.
Consequently, many companies are looking for ways to “provide emotional experience" to their customers.


We have excellent skills in applying our game creation know-how to your marketing activities. Our capabilities in story making will provide new marketing opportunities for your business.
By building communities of customers, we will increase the awareness, understanding and loyalty of your products and services.

High Quality

We create games by mastering systems engineering (requirements), process visualization, interface design, prototyping, testing and program design.
We achieve this series of flows at a high speed and high quality. We fully respond to our clients demands, and furthermore, we provide excellent contents exceeding satisfaction.

Take advantage of our know-how gained through years of game creation for your business.
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